Found IT Data Cybersecurity will capture and document the standards, trends and preferences for server platforms, form factor, density, storage platforms, connectivity and operational model.
Are you an early adaptor of SaaS or Cloud computing services? Do you currently outsource core applications to a managed service? Found IT Data is committed to understanding the culture, risk tolerance and appetite for outsourced options so as to flush out a workable data center strategy.

Energy Efficiency & Green Design -The data center is often the largest contributor to the corporate energy bill, not to mention the carbon footprint. With significant advances in developing high-efficiency power and cooling systems, it is essential that these systems are given consideration and are incorporated into the planning & design process.

Room Planning & Layout – Found IT Data Cybersecurity will develop a complete layout and design for server cabinets, free-standing components, network racks, cable tray and power throughout the data center envelope. Our documents are developed in AutoCad and Visio and are consistent with the format used by the architectural and engineering community.

Structured Cabling Design – From server and SAN connectivity to telecom and KVM, our cabling design and specification package will ensure ease of management, scalability and exceptional performance for years to come.